Default Icon colors and Icons

I’m working on a theme for the app side of erpNext. I was curious if there is anyway to set default app’s icon color and octicon icon used.

I can see where they are set at the following file:

But I was curious if there was a hook or something to actually override the icon colors. Ie, in my apps, I have app icon set to “app_color = grey”, but hoping there was a way that I can set what hex color grey actually is. Same for purple etc…

Also, Ive looked at the default Frappe app’s file, is there a location that list all available hooks?



You can override them in the Desktop Icons table. You must check if its editable though.

Here is a link, but I am not sure its updated.

Thank you! I’ll check out the the table.

I checked out the hooks doc, wasn’t sure if it was limited to the ones listed. I’ll keep a note and submit an update if I learn of anything that is not in there.

Thanks again!