Default Item Price not Fetching

I have an item that I assigned 3 different “Item Price List” to.
2 of them are specific to certain customers which are online marketplaces (Amazon) and the third is not specified to any customer (should be the default price list).
On sales order creation, the price lists with the specific customer works perfectly, If I change the customer the price automatically changes.
However, the default price for other customers shows as “0”.

As you can see if I choose my customer as “Noon” price updates to 38, while if I change customer to “Amazon” price updates to 45.
However for any other customer the price shows as 0

How to solve this?

Hi @Yamen_Zakhour,

If Enable Auto Insert Item Price in Stock Setting then Disable them and check.

Thank You!

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Thank you! Solved.
I appreciate the help and would like to thank ERPNEXT community for assisting me in setting up everything.