Default leave approver

Is it possible to auto fill the leave approver field (when we create a new leave application) based on the leave approver setting in the employee document? Currently we see the entire list of leave approvers (event those that are not the approvers for the particular employee) to select from.

Yan Chang Goh,

Thanks for reporting this issue. This needs a fix.

We shall update you once it has been resolved ( in next week).

Any update in this ?


You define Leave Approved for an Employee in the Employee master itself. When making Leave Application, Employee will be only to able to see and select Leave Approver mentioned in his/her Employee master.

Alright, Thanks.

I am facing few more issue regarding Leave application!

Leave applications are not sent to leave approvers by email. Leave Approvers need to login and see the open leave applications.

Leave approvers can see whole organizations’ leave applications rather than his assigned applications.

Is there any way to resolve it?

Many Thanks in Advance!


On submission of Leave Application, an auto-email is trigerred to Leave Approver. Would you mind checking Bulk Email (from Awesome Bar). Probably system triggerred an email, but it was not delivered to approver due to some other issue.


Once leave application is saved by employee, it is shown in “Leave Application List”.

All leave approvers can see all leave application, where they need to find whose leave has to be approved!

If I change Role of Leave Approver to “If Employee is permitted” or “If Leave Application Permitted” no application is seen to leave approvers.

In any case approvers do not receive emails. Only employee who has applied for leave receives email after submitting application (with Leave Application Approved or Rejected message) by leave approver or HR.