Default Letterhead for a DocType

It would be great if you could build in the functionality of selecting a default letterhead for a particular document. Just like you have Default Print Format in the Customize Form functionality.

@jramns what is the use case? Company makes more sense!

I agree that linking the letterhead per doctype would be great.

E.g. We use a “complete letterhead” which includes company information, general contact information, banking details & logo for everything related to sales (quotation, sales order, sales invoice, delivery note).

However, we use the Issue form to manage our repairs and would like to generate a Repair Report from this form. It would be great to have a different letterhead, in which there is only a small logo, so as to leave more space for the important information but still brand the document as necessary.

I tried adding the snippet hereunder to a custom script linked to the my doctype Issue, but I get the error “Field letter_head not found.”

frappe.ui.form.on(‘Issue’, ‘validate’, function(frm){
frm.set_value(“letter_head”, “Logo Only”);

Any idea on how to solve this?

Did you manage to get this to work? My footnotes for Quotations are different from those for Sales Invoices and I’m trying to have that set by default

Unfortunately not, though I have not tested this in V12 yet

After checking once more I found a solution. I created my two letterheads then removed default from any of them and instead set the default under print settings in each respective doctype and its working. I’m not sure if the setting will stick after an update

@chrismberi, can you elaborate on how exactly did you set the default in each DocType? I unchecked defaults for both my letterheads but I still don’t get an option to set letterhead in any sort of print settings I looked into.

Did you figure this?