Default Letterhead isn't working

Hello All,

I’ve created a letter head for the Payment Entries. Now, I edited the Payment Entry form, and from the form I’ve edited the the Letter Head column and set the new letter head as a default head. But for some mysterious reason, the letter head isn’t showing while I try to print the voucher.

If I select the letter head while creating the voucher, then this new print format shows; but selecting this every time manually is itself is a great trouble.

What am I doing wrong? and what should I do now?

Check in Print Settings if Print with Letterhead is checked to yes or not ?

Hello Root,

Obviously Print with Letterhead is selected. The letterhead is showing if I set the letterhead as a default from Letterhead list.

But I want to set different default letterhead for different vouchers like, Sale Invoice/Payment Entry/Journal Entry. So I customized the form for these and from there I pasted the letterhead name in the default field in letterhead column of the form.

Please check the screenshot.


So is it working or not working ?

Not working Brother.


Then this may have something to do with ERPNext Not able to find that pefooter in the Letter Head list. That is one possible issue.

Go to Letter Head and check that pefooter (or whatever name you entered for various documents) - is the exact name of that Letter Head or not ?

I think, no issue with this. Please Check the letterhead list.

Hi @root13F ,

I’ve found out a new thing.

Let’s take a doc type which doesn’t have “Letter Head” field built in, i.e Customer/Supplier. They don’t need letter head and ERPNext didn’t add letterhead as a standard field in the doc type.

Now, if I add a custom field in this type of doc type, “Label=Letter Head, Type=Data”, and then entry a letter head in the default field, I can easily get this, regardless another letter head is set a default.

Please let me know if you got my point. This “pefooter” is automatically coming from the customization where I can’t do it for Sales Invoice/Journal Entry as they already have standard letterhead field and entering a different letter head name in the default field doesn’t make any difference.


I think this could be because pefooter is set to be the default letterhead.

Yes, exactly!

But, setting “pefooter” as the default only working for doc types who don’t have “Letter Head” as a standard field.
like, Customer, Supplier etc.

What I did is, added a custom field in Customer’s doctype and then set “pefooter” as the default and it’s working while another letter head is already set as default.

It should also work for the doctypes who have letter head as standard field. :frowning:

I mean, what’s the point having different letter head if we can’t set them as defaults for various forms?

Selecting/changing letter head while creating new entries is not a convenient way at all.

Could you confirm me if this is also happening in your end? or is it just me?

If you have a multi-company setup then you could do with specific formats for that company and that can be set.

But if you want a default letterhead for a doctype (irrespective of company), then I think you set that name via Customized Form in case of default document or Edit Doctype in case of your own document residing in your app.

That feature is not working. And, I’m really sorry to bother you like this;

Single company. Multiple Letterhead; Just want to set different letter head as default for different entries.

One for Sales Invoice, Another for Journal, Another for Payment like that.

same here.

I wish someone looked into this issue and give us a resolution. :frowning:

The letter head’s head is always the same but the footer is different for various types of entries; most companies do that.

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I wanted to have a different letter head for Purchase Receipt.

I removed the default letter head from letter head list and changed the default letter head from Company setting (default for all documents). and then changed the letter head from customize form for Purchase Receipt which worked for my case.

Find Letter Head entry in customize form and enter the name of custom letter head in display.