Default Price list in multi company setup

I have an overseas company which I have setup in ERPNext.
I have an item which has 3 price lists.
The first prices list is set in the Global Defaults settings of ERPNext
The second price list is set as default to my India company in the item doctype
The third price list is set as default to the oversears company in the item doctype

When I create an invoice from my overseass company, the item price is still picked from global defaults. Which is a problem. Can someone help demystify this functionality ?

Thanks, Abhishek

How many companies do you have in ERP?
Is the overseas or the India company listed as the default company in Global Defaults?

You may have found a bug. I’m curious if in an invoice, try toggling the check box “Ignore pricing rule” in the section “Currency and Price List”. Does that change the price list of the item?

I ask because I wonder if our issues are related here.