Possible Bug - Pricing rules not automatically applied


I’m running:
Ecommerce Integrations: v1.17.1 (main)

ERPNext: v14.27.1 (version-14)

Frappe Framework: v14.38.0 (version-14)

Frappe HR: v15.0.0-dev (develop)

I’m experiencing a possible bug with multiple pricing rules. I have two rules that I’d like to apply. Both have “Apply Multiple Pricing Rules = True”.

Rule one is based on item quantity for a list of items. Rule two is based on item group, applies discount when “net_total >= 100”.

All of the individual items in the qty pricing rule are also in the item group for the net_total discount.

The only way I’m able to get the two rules to combine reliably is to toggle the “disable pricing rule” in the invoice, on then off. The 10% off net total works fine on it’s own as does the qty discount. I can’t make them both work together without using the workaround “toggle ignore pricing rule”.

Please, any support is greatly appreciated. Even if you don’t know the
answer, if you can point me in any positive direction, it’s greatly appreciated.