Default print format for standard (app) doctype


I have a new app which has a new, non-custom doctype. I also have a custom print format for that doctype. However, I can’t set the default print format on the doctype (‘Standard DocType cannot have default print format, use Customize Form’).

I can use the Customize Form to set the default print format; however, this rather defeats the point of using a non-custom doctype. What is the best way of making the default print format work on a fresh install i.e. setting in a file rather than in the database? Why can’t you set the default print format anyway?


Hi Andrew. Did you ever manage to get it working? I agree that it is a bit ridiculous that you can’t set a standard print format for a standard document.

use bench --site site_name export-fixtures to export the changes in custom doc.

the doc type and print format must be there in file of the custom app

Hi Mohit. Thanks but that isn’t solving the issue. Both the original poster and I have documents that are stored in custom apps as well as the print formats. We’re trying to set our formats as the default formats for our documents in the actual doctype definition rather than using customize form and exporting fixtures.

Hi, my mistake…
Also define the doctype in property setter.
we are using this to the customisation development site and the migrating the changes on to the production site.