Default Print Language different than default language

Need to have default print language be es-DO, put that in as default in the field using customize. Did not do anything. Would appear that as field is defined as a link to Language it puts whatever the default language is.

As far as I can tell the default Language is for user interface, not clear why it needs to be always that customers are in same language as ERPNext users. Also, should have separate default for buying and selling as distribution companies that import do not have same language majority for customers and suppliers.

As we do export, need to keep link to other languages. Any way around this without having to change manually every time create a new customer?

Hello did you work this?

If you go to Settings → System Settings you have a field for Language. Though it does not say that anywhere, that is used for default in new customers. You can have each user with a language used for the interface different from the one in System Settings.