Default printing format for sales invoice and POS not working

I’m a newbe, I created a new invoice printing format by edditing an old printing format.
If I select all invoices and go to Menu->customize, I change the default printing format in the one I like.
After that I went to a single invoice, select print from menu and then I see POS invoice format without pinterhead, where I like to see my printing format with printerhead…what did I do wrong?

Also when I make a new invoice from POS app, it still using POS invoice format when click on print…what did I do wrong?

Kind regards,

Have you tried reloading the page?

Hi @Peter_Bosma

Are you using offline POS? Offline POS only supports JS type print format, for reference check existing print format Point of Sale.
Online POS supports server and client side print format, kindly refer existing print format POS Invoice

Txs guys, I used the online POS. I fixed the problem to update the POS invoice to the desired format I wanted to use…Maybe not the exact way to do it, but it worked perfectly…I have my perfect designed invoice now :slight_smile:

can you please guide how you did that? as It is giving me error

how the way plz?