Default Purchase UOM per Supplier

Is there a way to configure Default Purchase UOM, per Supplier ?

My use case is I buy bags of grains, Supplier1 sells in Bag of 25kg, Supplier2 sells in Bag of 50lbs.

In the Item, we have Default Purchase Unit of Measure, but this is not per supplier.

So I created 2 Item Price records, one for Supplier1 with UOM ‘Bag of 25kg’ and the rate$, and another one for Supplier2 with UOM ‘Bag of 50lbs’ and the rate$.

When creating a PO, I would have expected the Item line UOM would have been assigned based on the Item Price existing for the Supplier+Item. But it is always the ‘Default Purchase Unit of Measure’ defined in the Item that is picked.

Hi @guimorin,

I tested what you are describing on my machine. Identical results:

  • When adding the PO Line, the UOM is always the default UOM.
  • Even if the Supplier has an Item Price for a different UOM.

Not great.

I assume all the grains are mixed together in the warehouse, and the original Bag Size doesn’t matter anymore?

Exactly, stock is in Kg, bag size doesn’t matter anymore.