Default supplier

What does the “default supplier” field in the Item settings do?
is there any purpose to it?

If user open the ‘Supplier Quotation form/Purchase Order form’ from Material Request then default supplier of respective item will auto display if set.

Example -
1.Item-0001 with ‘Default Supplier’=XYZ
2.Create Material Request (MREQ-001) for above item .
3.On this material request form , click on ‘Make Supplier Quotation’ button.
4.Supplier Quotation form will display with
‘Supplier’ field=XYZ (default supplier of item ‘Item-0001’)

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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This does not happen for me on a quotation - there is no supplier field anywhere. Is this still the normal process or reason for default supplier?? I also cannot find a real reason to have this on an item as it doesn’t show anywhere by default for me - sales order or sales quotation.


same as what @Geetanjali has mentioned. This does not seem to work (v11 / v12). Creating a purchase Order/Quotation from a Material Request does not populate the Supplier automatically with the Default Supplier defined in the item master.

To me it looks as if that field has no effect whatsoever

Yes, we are having the same issue that the default supplier as defined in the Item is not automatically selected. - V11.1.67