Default UOM not reflecting in purchase invoice item table


I have created customized Purchase Invoice form adding one new field.

In purchase invoice, when I create new record, and enter a new item under items table, while selecting item in link field, it fetches item name but not item desc and default UOM.

In console it gives error as below.
VM983:1228 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘company’ of undefined
at init.item_code (eval at setup (script_manager.js:155), :1228:25)
at init.item_code (class.js:53)
at a (script_manager.js:87)
at script_manager.js:117

It seems it is not getting “company” value. I have only single company. If this is the case, that company is not available then why it is not raising issue in other doctypes? In other doctypes, it can fetch UOM, desc values.

So, any clue which I can check why the error is generating? Also, wanted to share that in my local environment, this works fine.

Regarding UOM not fetch in Purchase Invoice, You have to do bench update (If you are using Version 12.2.0)

FYI: Release Release v12.2.1 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub