Default UOM With Secondry UOM in Print Format of PO

Dear All, Hope everyone is fine & Well. I Wanted to Print both UOM in Purchase Order. Base Unit of Stock With its secondary UOM.

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Do you wish to have something like this?

It has the UOM in which you are purchasing with and then you have Stock UOM along with its conversion factor.

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Dear Harshit Thanks for Your response. Yes, sure I wanted these in printing POs. But can is possible to cahnge “UOM conversion factor” to “Lbs per Box” & “Qty in Stock UOM” to “Lbs per Box”
I mean can we change the Names of the Tables column?

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No, it can’t , even if somehow you manage to do it via some Customization, there will be other products which are going to have different UOMs, the system won’t adapt to, if somehow you manage this, please contribute it to the community and let me know as well :wink:

Dear All, I added a custom field in item master as “Item terms and Condition” and linked it with terms and conditions template, because i have different terms and conditions for different items. But when I create a PO the terms and conditions template did not fetch automatically against item. Can any one guide me please. Thanks