Default value in Primary Address fields for New Customer Quick Entry Form


ERPNext Version 10
For “New Customer” Quick Entry Form

Since most of the customers are local , want to set default values for few fields in primary address section as shown below

where can i do that ? ( Please reply if you have tried and tested !)



  1. Go to Customize form → Address
  2. Select Address in doctype
  3. Go to the particular field in which you want to set a default value
  4. There is a field named Default in display of your fieldname
  5. Enter the default value and update

Sorry not working !

Did you try ? if it is working for you can you send gif animation / screenshots ?

Hi @jignesh_shah,
The quick entry form details for primary address details are created through client side scripting, so you can’t set the default values without making changes to the core files.

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