Default value need to remove?

I have removed the default value from doctype, but still default is set while creating new record?

How to remove default value?

Can you say which field in which doctype?

You cannot remove values directly from the doctype you have make canges in customize for of that particular doctype then only you are able to see the changed value.
After making changes do not forget to take fixtures

We have created new field and new doctype. Doctype - Service Request and Field - Owner(Link field Users).
There is no value in default, but still it is setting default value.

What is the fieldtype of that field and Plz share the snap for that field and also which default value you are getting?

Field type - Link (User)
Default value current user name.
But we have n’t set default values, but it is using currently logged user name

At backend have you set somewhere any logged in user like frappe.session.user through some code on that doctype?

No. I checked that too. Nowhere.