Default warehouse for sales order?

I am trying to find a way to set the default warehouse for my sales orders.

We only have 1 warehouse.

How can this be set?

Introduce new “Default warehouse” field(Link it with warehouse doctype) in your company. Then in the customize form of the sales order,select the source warehouse field and in it, fill the fetch from with “company.default_warehouse”.
Hope this help.

Thanks for the reply. But, I am an end user(company owner) that is trying to make small improvements.

I am not sure how or where to create this new field.

The sales order entry page already has a “default warehouse”" field. I was this to be filled with the option that already exists.

I can manually choose the warehouse from my list. But, it is always the same warehouse, so I want it to be chosen automatically.

I just noticed a small error that changes the sense of my question:

On the sales order entry page, I want to auto select a warehouse for the field:
Set Source Warehouse

How can this be done?

Customize Sales Order Form, find that field, set default option in the details.

Other way is to set Default Warehouse in Item Master > Item Defaults table for your Company. But you will have to do this for all your items.