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Hello is it possible to have warehouse selection on invoice so we don’t need to go to each individual item to select a warehouse. It will help with warehouse quantities.

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each item has its warehouse by default.
That should help.

Yes but I’m not sure you are understanding me, you have the same item in multiple warehouses and it is a long process to select a warehouse for each individual item each time you are doing an invoice so it would be better if at the top of the invoice form there was a field that allows you to select the warehouse you wish to invoice from, if no selection is made then obviously it will deduct from the default warehouse.

Go to Customize Form - Sales Invoice Item, then search Warehouse. Fill Default warehouse according to your wishes


Its possible as per below.
User have multi-company access & He need auto preselect warehouse in Sales/Purchase order in item table as per company selection.

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I have a company “K.A.” having
Two branches

  1. Bilaspur
  2. Raipur
    i want seperate invoicing for both these locations
    I have created two warehouses with the same name
    Can you please help me to build a custom field, which we can select in different forms so that the stock gets deducted from the selected warehouse or gets added to it at the time of sales and purchase ??

Problem i am facing is i have to select warehouse for each and every item i bill. I have a approx 500 products
And these products will be same for both warehouses

Please help

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Hi Tanuj,

ERP Next don’t have such automation…same problem with me also.


quick question. Say I have the following warehouse tree:

a. Stock Warehouse (default warehouse for the item)
b. Finished Goods Warehouse

I want to set the default warehouse in the sales invoice item by “Customize Form” → “Sales Invoice Item” → “Warehouse”, and under the section “Default”, there is a text box called “Display”

When I entered “Finished Goods Warehouse” in the text box, and did a reload, and try to enter a sales invoice, it is still referencing to Stock Warehouse.

Am I editing this correctly? Is my reference to Finished Goods Warehouse wrong (i.e. ERPNext needs a specific naming convention to the Finished Goods Warehouse)?

Can someone help? Thanks

Wondering if anyone have the solutions or suggestion for this yet ?

If you only have one warehouse from where stocks are depleted at the time of sale then you can select default warehouse in company settings.

Alternatively you can select default warehouse in item master aswell.