Define hour rate in BOM

When defining the operations in the BOM we need to assign an hour cost.
When creating operations there is no way to define hour rate.
On the other hand when doing a timesheet you can only assign hours to activities.

Once defined the BOM we have to start the project and the correlation with the hours from the operations to the tasks is not automatic

Anyway to do that?

You can define hour rate in the workstation linked to the Operation

Can you please create Github Issue for the feature suggestion where operations of BOM can be used for defining Projects and Task? For now, Operations is not directly linked with the Task. But based on Timesheet, actual time spent of the Operation is tracked and costing is updated.

I will create the issue.

Anyhow I do not understand that operation is linked with timesheet as when I create new timesheet only activities are avilable

wich is the difference betwen operation and activitie in ERPNEXT, what about task comere to those?

When you create a production order for a BOM, you can create timesheets for that production order (if enabled). When you do this, it will create a timesheet entry for each operation.

You can’t create a Timesheet manually for a BOM operation. It needs to be done through the Production Order.

Thank you Ben.

Our doubt is as follows

We create BOM as the internal needs for an item to be quoted/sell. When
defining the man hours needed for that item we create operations.

Once the client approves the job composed by different quoted items we
create a project with tasks that nor really are directly connected with the
quoted items but yes with what we call project items that have inside a Bom
filled with the quoted items reordered with production purposes.

And here is the point. We would like the task linked with that production
item to drag all the hours set in that multilevel BOMS inside the item as
well as the budget cos of materials.

Doing that you will have estimated working hours and estimated material
cost per task and of course, as a total, estimated cost for the hole project

Then as the project goes you will be assigning hours per worker to each
task and operation as well as activitie updating the real cost and workers

Now we are not able to connect manufacturing with projects as it seems to
be disconnected.

Maybe there are different ways to get our purpose but we do nos find how.

Any help?

Thank you

Francisco Lage