Delete amended_from from employee table

If I delete amended_from field from employee table then any problem for ERP?
amended_from is creating problem during new employe create.


Do not delete any delivered ERPNext field. What is the error you are facing? Maybe you have customized something.

When I am creating new emplyee then have another emplyee link in amended_from field.
Firsttime employee creation is OK but when second time I do create employee then showing duplication employee link from amended_from link.

Can you tell me If I delete that field then which problem will be arise.
I have already modified all modules

@Pawan, I am waiting for your feedback

The Amended From is a field, framework adds to the submittable DocType. So whenever you submit the record, and due to some reason you cancel/amend it. Cancelled document reference is stored in the newly created record. Generally, it is read_only field so make it read-only and don’t modify anything from default ERPNext/Frappe`. Also, do not add data in the amended_from field.