Delete Company Data for big datasets

I need to reset data on a big database for testing, due to the size, Delete Company Transactions times out, I want to manually truncate certain tables as I have done in the past. I need to get it right because after manually deleting, sometimes I get Debit and Credit not equal, this may be due to time issues (incorrect system time), not sure, or maybe data that I didn’t get out properly.

So these are the tables I normally truncate:

  1. sales inv, sales inv item
  2. purchase rcpt, purchase rcpt item
  3. purchase order, purch order item
  4. stock entry, stock entry detail
  5. gl entry
  6. feed

I need advice on other tables the Delete Company Transaction clears, so I can get them all and keep the system well-behaved

On clearing I find that some new invoices may carry old users names and old creation and edit times, what table handles this, is it the feed table? what other tables should I truncate to sweep the system clean.