Delete Company Transaction


When i delete the company transaction data, Purchase Order, Sales Order etc are getting deleted. However the Quality Inspection , Quality Review Data are not getting deleted/

Are Quality Inspection, Review data not part of the Transaction data?

Is there anything that we need to do to delete the Quality data?


From what I see, they are not linked to any Company in themselves. They are linked to transactions (Reference Type and Reference Name) which are linked to a Company. Which is why they are not deleted perhaps.

These records should be cancelled at the least as they must be linked to some Purchase Receipt, etc. Aren’t they ?

I also noticed that child tables of transaction tables do not get cleared (i.e. Purchases Taxes and Charges or Sales Taxes and Charges). Is anyone else having the same issue?

I found out POS Invoice merge log are not deleted too.

Seeds for document names do not get reset as well.