Delete Company Transactions - What does it do?

Hi! I’ve been testing ERPNext for the past 3 months and migrating our old system. I would now like to clear sales, purchases, purchase receipts, delivery notes, journal entries, returns, etc. And i would like to leave out stock items, item quantity, customers, suppliers, chart of accounts, users, roles, custom fields, warehouse, UOM, pricelist and item group tree. Do i have to manually cancel and delete each item in the list or does the ‘Delete Company Transactions’ button clear-up the lists for me?

Basically i would like to remove all dummy transactions so that i can start using the system for our company’s daily transactions. But i would not like to start from scratch such as importing data and going through all the settings again.



Please Refer Following link:-

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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