Delete demo company on self hosted

when installed on self hosted, there was a demo company named as BITNAMI. after creating the new company i deleted the same.
even it is showng website.

i was trying trying to add default price as INR, so i had deleted the standard buying & selling from the PRICE LIST. when i am adding, it is showing like “Please specify currency in Company: Bitnami”.

Please check your global default setting under Setup and select the desired company there.

sorry for the inconvenience, i have already changed the global default in the name of new company.

I’ve faced the same issue before. The problem is that you apparently deleted the company from Company list, while the proper way is to do removal as described in the manual.

Now you have to:

  1. Create Bitnami company again (be careful to type it in the very same way, as previous one);
  2. Perform removal according to manual;
  • optional step — probably you’ll have to set the currency for your newly created Bitnami company.

Did you delete all the company transactions before deleting the company?

If not I would suggest doing what @strixaluco is saying.

thank you.

as per the manual only i have done.
let me check as per your suggestion.

issue solved

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Great. I’ll try to update the manual with an emphasize on the proper removal procedure. Or you can do the same if you have a bit of spare time :slight_smile: