Delete Doctype like it didn't exist

hi guys ,

i need to know how could i delete a DOCTYPE , and remove everything related to it
for example i have a doctype named “SALES” i deleted ,
later, i need to create a new doctype and the name is " SALES" ,
system normally reject that and don’t allow you to make the same name as an existed or deleted doctype name …

Thank you

In the self-hosted ERPNext account, if Developer Mode is on, then after deleting a Doctype, you will have to:

  1. Manually delete related .JSON files (from files folder)
  2. Do Bench Migrate

In the hosted account, on deletion of a Docytpe, related files are auto-deleted.


Hello @umair,
I have a question,
is there a workaround to auto-delete in a self hosted frappe?


I think the difference is not if it is installed on self-hosted or ERPNext hosting, but on the active Developer mode.
Am I correct?