Delete Dummy BOM

I made an initial ERPnext test and created some dummy Items, Warehouses, Operations and I linked with a dummy BOM. I cleaned the data but it was impossible to delete all the dummy register linked with this Dummy BOM. Is there any way to delete the BOM and their linked data?

From Company click on “Delete Company Transactions” but make sure all your data is dummy, it will delete everything related to that company.

You can delete it from database as well.
do - bench mysql (to go into your respective database)

Thank you @KanchanChauhan. I did that step and it only worked well with all the registers not linked with the dummy BOMs. I then tried deleting one by one, but the system does not allowed me because the linkes with other registers.

Thank you @shraddha I am no sure i can use bench, because I am using the version for solo entrepreneurs and not the self-hosted version. Where can i get information about using bench with the ERPnext hosted in their servers?

Cancel the BOM then delete it