Delete Functionality for Queue in POS

Hi @rohit_w

Trust you’re doing great. Is there a way we can restrict users from inadvertently deleting a completed sale from the queue before the transaction gets synced? Currently, giving the user permission to delete means they can delete both Draft and Paid transactions from the queue in POS. This could cause problems especially where serialized items are concerned. An accidental (or intentional) deletion could make it very difficult to trace the serial numbers involved at a later time

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Hi @wale

In version 8 we have restricted users to delete the submitted orders, system throws an exception if user tries to delete the submitted order(see attachment). You can check this functionality on the develop branch or

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Hi @rohit_w

Awesome! I tried it out on which is currently also on the develop branch but I noticed some issues which I’ll post in a new thread


In case delete happened for offline transactions (draft), is it possible to know these documents that have been deleted?