Delete Item on Material Request after Submit (or Cancel it!)


I want to cancel / delete an item in a material request after submission. This material request is in Pending status.

It is possible?

If not, is there any way to show the purchase user that this item has been canceled? How do I inform the purchase user that this item is not to be purchased?


You can cancel it. From there you have the option to Amend or not.
If it has other linked items, you will get a warning about them, in which case you have to first cancel the downstream/child items that are linked before you can cancel the “parent” item

Thanks for your answer… Let me understand… Are you saying that I can cancel the item, or the material request?

This step create another Item Code, right?

You will need to cancel the material request:

You can also stop/close the same in case there are other line items in the same request against which further transactions (Order/Invoice/Receipt) are created

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