Delete, remove or uninstall a module completely in ERPNext 13


I will be using ERPNext and Frappe as my main developing framework for my customers which mainly request the main ERP systems’ features with additional features which I will be developing them as new custom apps. However, my customers don’t need all of the modules or domains of ERPNext. Mainly, they need only the accounting, selling, HR and CRM modules. So, I am trying to find a way to only have those modules or any other needed module in the ERPNext setup and to completely remove those unneeded modules. From what I know, there is an option to hide domains and unneeded modules through roles, permissions and other settings. But this is not what my clients need. So, I am trying to find a solution and I am hoping if anyone here can help me with that problem.

Currently, there are two options which i am not sure if they are possible:

  1. To uninstall, delete or remove a module completely if possible. This would be the best and easiest solution.
  2. To use only Frappe and to manually install only the ERPNext modules that i need as apps. However, i dont know if that is possible or feasible because i am not sure if that will result in breaking the modules and the app as whole rather than solving my problem because i will have to go through every module to make sure there is no dependencies on other modules.

Finally, if anyone have tried any of these two possible solutions, please tell me your experience. And if you didnt try any but have any information if that can be done or not, please tell me. And if you have any other idea to implement this idea, would be great if you shared it.

thank you

I don’t have technical knowledge ofFrappe/ERPNext. But I doubt that it will be an easy venture. I would strongly suggest to keep the other modules in place and simply hide them from the users.

Tearing apart an integrated system might lead to unexpected and strange errors later when certain prerequisites are missing and we’re overlooked. Also, do you also plan to remove DB tables from those unneeded modules?

Why exactly is it important to really remove the modules instead of just hiding them.

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Hi there,

ERPNext installs as a monolith. There is no way to install only some modules and not others. Roles, permissions, and workspaces are indeed the intended way for you to remove unused modules from your client’s interface. This is unlikely to change, as there’s no real downside to having unused modules on your system.

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Actually, my plan was to remove the modules with their database but as you said I was afraid of the errors that may occur due to such actions.
And for the why part, my only concern that when I hand over the software to the client, they could unhide those modules and mess up everything in addition to that they dont want them to be there. However, if it is not possible as you said, i dont think that it would be a significant problem. I only wanted to know it is possible because it would have been better.

Okay, thank you so much. I am currently using these features as you said. I only wanted to know it is possible to remove them but no problem. :v:

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