Delete System users

We have a system user who has left the organisation.
We can’t delete the user because they are linked to things like creating items in ERPNext
So, we have disabled the user. But the user still gets emails when one of the items they created is modified.
How do we do this or going forward do we jsut have an ever growing list of disabled system users with emails bouncing back because they no longer exist

At the top of the User record, there is a checkbox that says “Enabled”. Would disabling the User meet your needs? They couldn’t log back in but their history of activities would be preserved.

As mentioned, that is what we do :slight_smile:


If the user has created an item, then we change the item, that user still gets emails notifying of the change

I might be missing the point/problem, but can’t you just change/update the email address within the user record?

I haven’t taken the time to duplicate this. But if true, I’d say this definitely qualifies as a “bug”. If you’ve disabled a user? Then emails should not be sent out.

In Every User, there’s Email Settings that says “Send notifications of transactions I follow”. Disable all those and remove all email accounts from the Email Inbox child table. Have you tried that ?

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That would still result in the email being sent / bouncing

That could be it. I will investigate that :smile:

Nope not that either. Emails still sent

But I have found the issue. We set up some email alerts for name / group changes. Email alerts were set up to email “owner” and the IT manager

The disabled user was the “owner”.

So, taken “owner” out of the email alerts and now all seems OK

Thanks for all the help

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