Delete the site

hii everyone

i created a site using 14 days free trial , just to check the trial.

now i receive a mail that they are not deactivating the account and i will be charged,
so how can i delete the account

unfortunately i forgot my password and there is no option to reset new password ,

i will attach some screen shots with this post.

kindly help me![1|690x453](upload://atIM![1|690x453]

This notification ?

On 17 July 2021, we sent out an email saying that we are removing the Deactivate site feature. We have decided not to remove that feature based on user requests. However, going forward sites will be billed even if they are Inactive.

This change will be in effect from 15 September 2021. If you don’t want to get billed for Inactive sites, you can take a backup of your sites and then delete them.

Team Frappe

brother kindly tell me how can i delete my site

i forgot my password,
now ican’t login to the site… what can i do ?
i attached a picture
please check it

click on forgot password , this will email you a reset password link

now log in

where Can i find option to delete it ?

do you have any sites ?

yes i have

is this the way to delete it ??

If you click on the site , does it give you an option to delete?
I did not have a site , so I went to settings and clicked on delete account, a message popped up the delete process will start …

Yes , drop site if you dont need site , otherwise take backup first…

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Did you manage to delete your site rafa1

Sorry for the typo’s

if i delete as the way you said, it whole will be end right ??

should be … I did not have any sites against my account.
worse case log a support with them to confirm delete , top right hand corner “Support”

it’s done brother :heart_eyes:


Thanks for your suppo:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:rt

Pleasure …
I hope that you will still support\contribute to ERPnext and Frappe , in any form.


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