Delete Transactions giving request timeout message

I am trying to delete all my transactional data from the company “master-Delete Transactions” but I am getting “Request timed out” message

How can I delete data of the company?

is there any command to do it easily?

Any help?

Increase http timeout and restart nginx.
And then try again.

I am hosted on

How can I do that there? Raised a support ticket but they did not help out?

You can comment on the ticket and ask them for a status update.
They usually fix the issue quickly. I hope you mentioned the issue properly.

How can I do that in VirtualBox? I have restored the data in Virtualbox. I shall try to delete the transactions and upload the databases in frappecloud account.

bench config http_timeout 300
bench setup supervisor
bench setup nginx


sudo supervisorctl reload
sudo service nginx reload

thanks for super swift reply

Will try and confirm.

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Although I doubt if you are in production mode in Virtual Box.
If you’re not, these steps aren’t necessary.

I am downloading fresh backup now from our account. Will restore and try. I tried earlier from virtual box and was getting same error so I shall try now with your instructions after restoring my fresh backup.

I am still getting request timeout message

is there any bench command to delete transactional data?

I tried restoring database without private files so there will be less data to delete but it still did not help out.

I even set timeout to 1000 and tried.


All transactions successfully deleted.

I set timeout to 10000 and let it work

bench config http_timeout 10000

Thanks a lot

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How can I make database backup of 3 files from the bench?

I have downloaded database file from the web interface but public and private files are unable to get which usually come by email

I founds the backup in this folder running on virtualbox


used winscp tool to copy it.

Will restore to frappecloud and check if this my master data.

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run bench backup --with-files to generate the latest backup.

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