Delete Transactions in ERPNext


I have an instance which has all the master data as well as all the dummy transactions. Now I wan to keep all the master data and settings as it is and just want to delete all the transactions that I have done so far.
Is there any way to do that, because when I do the same with my own user id, it says that document has already been submitted.
Can it be deleted by admin user?


To be able to delete submitted transactions, you should first Cancel them.
Once Cancelled, you can delete all cancelled records from the list view.

How do i delete Stock Ledger Entries?

Hi Dhav,

Did you find a way to do this? Is there a way to delete a stock ledger entry?

KR, Fasil

Yes thank you

To delete the stock ledger entries, you need to cancel the linked stock transaction.

Hi Nabin,

Thanks for the reply.