Delete WareHouse


We are setting up ERPNext for our company. For Demo Purposes, we created a Warehouse and put some material in it through stock entry.

Now I want to delete the warehouse. However, it cannot be done as it is telling stock has some quantity in it. I tried but i cannot find anyway to remove the stock quantity. I also tried to remove all the materials using material issue but still no gain.

Please advise how to proceed

To delete the submitted transaction in ERPNext you will first have to cancel them and then delete. As there are stock ledger entries existing for the Warehouse. You will have to delete and cancel the transaction done and then you will be able to delete the warehouse fine.

If it was test purpose and you want to start a fresh you can delete all the company transactions in one go.
Please refer the link to learn more on the same.
Hope this helps

Thanks Arundhati,

This solved the issue.