Deleted a Customer but its still coming in POS

I have started exploring ERP Next recently only and got it running on my local machine via source code.
I had one customer named Customer1 and I was exploring POS.
I created POS entries for that customer and then later on deleted that Customer.

Now the customer does not exist and I confirmed in the database.
All its invoice entries, sales order everything got deleted too.
Yet it comes in the table of ‘Customer in Queue’ of POS Section.

I need to get rid of this entry so that i can have more sale invoices.
I have uploaded two images. kindly check
Help me out if u can :slight_smile:


Tried replicating the issue in my test account and found it working fine.
Can you please try clearing cache and reloading using Ctrl+Shift+R.

I did that multiple times… finally creating a new user with the same name helped me…