Deleted Communication records still show in the counts on the side panel

Hi all,

I have noticed that permanently deleted Communication records still are being counted on the side panel where it shows all the “status” states and “sent or received” states.

Is there any way to clear these to accurately reflect the true counts?



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Are you talking about this left side count?

Comments, and feed tables merged into communications and comments/feed data is filtered from list view.
Even if you delete all communication, you will see count on left side.

Hi @kolate_sambhaji, thank you for the screenshot. Yes that is what I mean. Interesting, wouldn’t I be able to see what I click on though? Here is what mine looks like:

If you note, on my side it says “521” as Linked Status. Though when I click on that, there is nothing there. The same behaviour happens on any status filter (closed, sent, etc.) there is a count, but nothing shows up in the list.

Any ideas how to have it either show the Communication records it is counting, or hide the count?


Its by design.
If you want to see records, click on Report button.
You will get all records in communication table

Oh interesting, okay, thank you for your help @kolate_sambhaji!

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