Deleted DocType Stopping to create new purchase order

Hi All,

I have created a DocType, says LOB to record my lines of business, further is used as an “Accounting Dimension”, after deleting it (the doctype) and dimension, and even deleting all the purchase invoices tagged to it.

It’s throwing the below error while just clicking on the Purchase Order button in Buying.

Try to do a migration. Did you create a module for this or use an existing one?

bench --site <> migrate

@Jalaj Welcome to ERPNext

It is possible that you still have some references to Doctype “LOB” on Purchase Order and that is why this error is thrown when you try to open Purchase Order.
Please check via Customize Form.
Also check Customize Doctype, however it is recommended to avoid customising Core Doctype like Purchase Order via Customize Doctype.

Hi Adam

Thanks for response.

No, I have not created any module.
Please suggest further.

Did you try the command?

Also do bench restart

Hi Manan

Thanks for your response.

Actually a DocType was created to record all my lines of business, than this DocType is used as Dimension, as you know Dimension are tagged on Purchase invoice not on Purchase Order, I did the same.

Now I have deleted everything, DocType, Dimension, Purchase Invoices and Purchase Orders.

I have also checked the Purchase Order form via Customize Form.

Still having this issue, please explain further.

HI Adam

I don’t know how and where to use bench command.
Can you please guide me further.

Try to find a detailed Traceback from the Browser Console and post it here so someone from the community can help you

Command+Opt+J on Mac
Ctrl + Shift + J on Windows (Not sure about the shortcut, please Google it if this combination is not correct)