Deleting 500 records in v11 --> freeze

Dear colleagues,

I observed a strange error several times (reproducible): taking a current v11.1.18 productive installation, open a list view with > 500 records (e.g. error log). Mark all, then click Actions > Delete. The delete process actually goes nicely fast. Once it completes, the dialog disappears. The list view now tries to load again and freezes.

Browser: Firefox 66.0.2 (amd64)
ERPNext: v11.1.18
Server: Debian 9 amd64

Opening ERPNext from another machine still works without any issues. But the browser tab will no recover (only copy URL into a new tab resolves the issue).

Any clues? Anyone with the same issue?

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I think this error still exist on V12.

Checked console log I can see, each deletion will make a POST request to the below path:

Then browser get crashed as cannot handle so many responses.

I think it would be nice if we can disable this behavior for deletion documenst numbers greater than 100.

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