Deleting GL Entries

Hello everyone…
I had to bulk edit my purchase invoices so I figured out it is a good idea to use the data import tool to export my purchase invoices, modify then insert as new records.

So I have enabled Delete Accounting and Stock Ledger Entries on the deletion of Transaction at accounts settings then I went on with cancelling then deleting the invoices

However when I open my GL entry list I still see them there and they are still linked to the suppliers, and there is no option to delete those entries

How can I totally remove everything related to purchases so I can fresh import everything back


The setting is available in V13. look in the below thread.

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Yes so what happened is, I enabled this option, then deleted all purchase invoices.
I could successfully delete them however the entries are still there and can not be deleted (even through admin account)

It may have been canceled earlier.

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Account settings option is not visible on my end. I have system manager role.
I have even searched in search bar, checked in accounting tab.
Past week these option was visible but now it is not.
Can someone help me in this ?

ERPNext version is : v13.35.0 (HEAD)

Do you also have Account User/Manager roles assigned to you? It is likely that the system manager and other roles assigned to you don’t have access to this.

Use the Role Permission Manager to verify:

after following all above steps its still not allowing me to delete GL Entries