Deleting Leads or bulk renaming IDs

I want to delete around 150 users in bulk. I have the list, but when i delete it is throwing an error of

Cannot delete or cancel because Lead Name is linked with Communication 99f818ce6f at Row: 1

I can see there is some communication which is set on the user.

What went wrong is that when data import was made, the ID of the user was named as persons name. But i am not able to update the ID of the leads now.

best case scenario

  1. i need to delete all the leads imported, and delete them. ( I am not able to due to the error )
  2. I need to rename IDs of all the leads present here
  3. I need to update details of all the leads present here to something irrelevant and ignore these leads, and do a reimport.

Is there a way to manage 1 or 2?



First Delete the communications and then delete the leads.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Is there a way i can filter out these communications correctly? because i have 150-200+ of these to delete. so it becomes hard to fix it one by one.

Also i tried deleting the communication, and it is still throwing an error. i click on the link on message pop up, but it ends up saying there is no communication on this