Deleting My Free Account


I wish to delete my free account. I have tested those features that are important to me and found the navigation and flow to be difficult and not intuitive.

I would like to recommend somebody take on the task of creating an attractive UI. All that white with small text labels is blinding. I have also found that the “funnels” which should ideally guide me through Projects, Tasks, Sub Tasks, Kanbans etc to be very confusing and lends itself to faulty replication of data.

Your feature set is very strong. Many more features that we are using at present. Perhaps I will give it another go in a year or two.

I am very grateful you have a free offering. I am a very small company right now. However one day we will be larger. Free software gives us a way to experience the feature set which we can contribute to as we mature.

I have followed the instructions on this page to delete my company and its data:

However it results in the error message you see attached. I tried many times. It seems to want me to delete all project data / tasks first. When I try to delete projects, it cannot because I have tasks. I cannot find the recurring delete feature for my company.

Thank you.

Jay Lepore

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@compumatter thank you for your feedback!

Please send an email at with your account ID from the email you signed up with so we can start the deletion process.

here comes a mirror story.

my account was deleted just because i did not use it regular with the login. i really liked it :frowning: i needed this to look and test new features and compare it with my actual version in a bigger time frame and not on a weekly relogin basis.

i got the account at a time where there was a free account for up to 100MB. than this very strict relogin timeframe came up that pushed me away, not very nice for the firstmovers!

@philip it was requirement to login at least once in 45 days. Maybe our assumption was too tight. We can look at a more liberal plan when we have enough money in the bank to restart the free plan. Thanks for the feedback!