Deleting Records

Is there any way to delete Fees Submitted documents. I have a lot of test data entered, I need to be able to delete these records. I know how to delete transactions from a company, but it doesn’t work to delete this. Please let me know if I have to clarify anything further.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Angel_Marchena! You can cancel everything then delete. If there are too many, you can always create a script to do this and set it up as a task. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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You will need to first cancel the document, then delete it and if it have any other dependent documents, you might have to cancel or delete them first.


I can see that, in a document that is submitted, but once fees are collected it will not work anymore, never the less if it was a script how would I write that.

How would I write a script to do this? (Sorry I am horrible at writing scripts