Delimiter in print format

how to use delimiter in print format? and sample code
thank you in advance :blush:

What kind of delimiter? An end line? A table?
Are you already familiar with Jinja2? The answer to your question most likely lives in their documentation. The only Frappe/ ERPNext specific pieces are the explicit imports into the Jinja enviornment, which are gathered here.
If you need to import custom functions, there’s a nice example case here.

Don’t thank in advance, give back to the community! Post your solution! We learn from each others problems and we can’t learn if we don’t share.

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1001: right
10023: left

I want to hide the bold @tmatteson

I can’t used this code " {{ [5:] }} " because the other transaction have 6 digit number…

fieldname.split(" : ", 1)[1]

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tnx sir it worked for me perfectly. :blush:

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