Delivered by Supplier (Drop Ship) scenario

Hi all,

we’ve the following scenario for a retail food chain:

  1. Stores send replenish stock order directly to the Item Manufacturer
  2. Manufacturer directly ship ordered Items to the Stores
  3. Main Supplier (aka Central Warehouse of the chain) send Invoice every 15/30 days including all orders shipped by Manufacturer in the period referencing the delivery slip.

Can we mark Drop Ship in Item? As far as i understood the scenario is only for customer sale order.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks a lot in advance!

@rmehta …can u help on this? thx

@JoEz please don’t @-tag users unless you are replying. This is a voluntary forum and there are many other users who can help you.

@rmehta …wooopppssss, sorry for that :blush:

@JoEz This module i dont believe does exactly what you want but it was made for drop shipping so it should be the best place to start working form. If you are using magento then this Sample ERPNext Magento Connector · GitHub should help you get started.

@woakes070048 thanks a lot i’ll have a look!