Delivered Quantity is not updating in Sale Order

Hi all,

I googled thoroughly but could not find answer to my problem.

I created a sale order, with all the relevant details.
Then I created a Delivery Note through “Stock > Delivery Note > New”.

I imported items from Sale Order. Updated partial quantity to be delivered, and submitted the delivery note.

Then, I created Invoice for that Sale Order by importing that particular Delivery Note.

But when I open the Sale Order and check the Delivered Quantity it is not reflecting the quantity previously mentioned in Delivery Note.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help

Can’t replicate the issue in my test account. Can you confirm that item is a stock item? Also please check if the sales order reference is there in the Delivery Note Item table.

Yes the item is a stock item. And also the sales order reference is there in the Delivery Note.

While trying to figure out the problem I was facing I noticed that when I create a New Delivery Note and Import Item from Sale Order, the Delivered Quantity is updating. But, when I DUPLICATE that Delivery Note and SUBMIT the same (Sale Order Reference is there), then the Delivered Quantity is not updating for that duplicated delivery note.

The problem occurs only while duplicating the delivery note.

That is expected behaviour, on duplication of the Delivery Note, sales order link should be removed. Actually there is 2 links to Sales Order, one to Sales Order and another to link to specific Sales Order Item row. On duplication, item row reference is reset correctly, but sales order reference remains. I will push a fix to reset the sales order as well.

I appreciate the quick response to this portal. However how can this be expected behaviour. To fasten up the redundant task anybody would duplicate a form. The reference to item row should not reset. Otherwise it will kill the meaning of duplicating a form.

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Is there any solution for the mentioned problem?

HI ,
In Delivery Note Item there is field ‘so_detail’ which have to be update to get delivered qty in sales order.
This ‘so_detail’ field have to be updated by respective ‘Sales Order Item’ name i.e id of sales order item have to be placed against which delivery note is created in respective delivery note item.