Delivery accounting how to different Charge & Cost

Hi, there is quite a bit of manual handling for our deliveries so

  • Our freight is bulky and the delivery company sometimes would change the actual cost to us a few days/weeks after delivery
  • I want the accounting to reflect the correct profit/loss margin
  • I don’t want to ask the customer for more money after I generate my invoice (Fully paid before shipping)


  • Customer is charged $200 for shipping and our cost is $260 after the freight company updates us a week later

How do I record this $260 cost in the delivery note? I assume ERPNext will see it as a $200 in and $200 out right?

Landed Cost Voucher is inteded for this exact scenario:

Submitting this would update your expense linked with the item which in turn updates all the cost accounting linked to it.

Thank you for the reply.

This is more for the purchasing side of things right? (As it will change the cost of the items every voucher I make)

I am needing something on the selling side. Currently I’m looking at the workaround of adding a PO against a Freight account and the POs have a custom data field called ‘reference’ where I put the tracking number but this cannot link to any Margin reports for the Sales Order/Invoice