Delivery Challan for Intra Company stock transfer

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For Transfer Between Company, we use delivery note, which act as a delivery challan for transporting items. In case of Intra Company Transfer, where the warehouses are located at different location, how do we issue delivery challan for stock transfer

How to generate delivery challan for such intra company stock transfer?

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Any solution/approach to address the above mentioned situation?

Have you tried this

@Manan_Shah, Thanks for your suggestion.

Our use case is at the receiving location, items and qty are checked and any modification is made. There might be cases where items get damaged during transit or qty is incorrectly mentioned by the source warehouse team.

In your suggested approach, we are not able to find the option to change the qty at the receiving warehouse. Also it is performed by one team(source team)

One approach what we are planning is to use the Send to Warehouse and Receive at Warehouse Stock Entry and use a Transit Warehouse to model our current requirement.

Also planning to use the Stock Entry as a Delivery Challan Print Format for transportation purpose.

Do you see any implications or limitations in our current approach?


hello, I am interested in a similar solution. did you manage to solve the problem?