Delivery Confirmation Flow

Hi All,

Delivery Note, when submitted will reduce the stock from the warehouse. This also marks the item as delivered to the customer. Here delivery Note is doing two things which happens which happen independently and at different time.

Is it possible to record deduction of stock from our warehouse for delivery purpose and confirmation of delivery to the customer separately?

How is the Delivery confirmation flow happens in erpnext?


AFAIK I don’t think there is a specific way to show “delivered to customer” - Delivery Note only reduces your stock, what happens to that stock post reduction from company warehouse doesn’t have any specific recording in the process.

This image from documentation might help.

You can use Workflow to track this

Once it is submitted it updates the inventory in the wasrehouse, but there will be a final action to indicate delivery to Customer

For example you can have your states as

  1. Pending (Status draft = 0)
  2. Picked up (Status submitted = 1)
  3. Delivered to Customer (Status Submitted = 1)

The most conventional way to do this would be to define a new warehouse called “Delivery Vehicle” (or whatever) and then transfer to it before sending the goods out. That way, you show the product’s actual location for as long as you still have legal possession of it. Once the product is delivered to a customer, do a Delivery Note originating from the Delivery Vehicle, and your numbers will update appropriately.

Thanks @peterg @olamide_shodunke @shreyansh all for the suggestions. This has given me the required clarity.