Delivery note creation

i have started using erpnext for my company and am going well,but i face one problem
when ever i creat delivery note from sales order if i creat it once and the quantity finished it must not come again,but when ever i call the sales order from delivery not it brings even if i created once but the system must prevent it if i created it once,please tell me the solution to stop creating delivery noe from sale order after the sales order quantity is delivered .thanks

HI @sachine,

-When all sales order quantity get delivered after that ‘Delivery’ option
not available on inside that ‘Sales Order’.
-same, if you calling Sales order from ‘Delivery Note’ then that Sales order will not get search
if already all quantity get delivered.

thanks for your replay but in my case still its coming,if there is something i have to do on setting please inform me.

There is No such setting ,“Delivery” option get hide when all order get finish