Delivery note default email message

I’m trying to customise the email body when I want to email the delivery note to the customer. I found that we can create a standard reply and manually select it.

Is there a way to set this standard reply as default for this doctype?

Second issue, when I select the standard reply I created, the Subject of the email is not replaced by the one in my standard email. It stays to Delivery note: XXXX


Instead of a standard reply you may be better off using Notifications. These do the same thing really but only for certain transactional doctypes

Re your second point, I’m not certain but think this is a limitation of the system currently

There have been many improvements in V11 involving standard replies etc so this may work better for you

ok I’m eager to try v11!

Hello, @Samuel_Gervais I have created a GitHub issue for the non-updated subject of the selected email template. You can track it’s progress here. Also, as of now there is no way to associate an email template with a particular doctype, I created a custom field in Email Template and linked it to “DocType”, this will only as a reference in the Email Template list but I don’t think that would be of any use for your requirement of setting up defaults for DocTypes, unless we involve custom scripts.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I’ll follow that.

One quick question. How do you make animated gifs for issues in github?

I use Peek but there are many more

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